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The On Board Team above are photos of the On Board team in action. They are the people that make this organization tick like a Rolex watch, smooth and efficient.

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We are establishing a Drug and Acohol Consortium here at On Board Trucking.

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August 10, 2016 10:30am CDT


We've partnered with DAT.Com to bring you the most up to date load boards.

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Agust 15, 2016 11:35 CDT


We have affordable Roadside Assistance Programs

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August 15, 2016 10:39 CDT

Meet the Team

and get to know us!

more about us

time to learn about the team!



The On Board Professional Creed

Professionals get the job done. They're reliable, and they keep their promises. If circumstances arise that prevent them from delivering on their promises, they manage expectations up front, and they do their best to make the situation right. Professionals don't make excuses, but focus on finding solutions.



Diligence means that we are continually working toward our goals, making use of what resources and opportunities are available. We are vigilant to avoid errors and to stay focused on the task at hand. Our diligence provides a basis for people trusting us with jobs that are tricky or complicated and also important to them.

Proven Results

Within five months our team has managed to negoiate loads for five truckloads from Illinois to Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio. We have managed to negoiate contracts for discounted rates for load boards with and we have negoiated contracts with leading roadside assistance providers for our members benefit.

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